Sarah Amalia Teichmann


EMBL-European Bioinformatics & Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SD


+44 1223 492520



Career to Date


European School Karlsruhe (Germany)
European Baccalaureate in July 1993 with highest mark of the year


Trinity  College,  Cambridge  University,  B.A.,  Biochemisty
First  class  exam results in Pt IA and Pt IB (first and second year), highest first class degree of year  in  Biochemistry  Pt  II; 

project  on  “Global  fold  determination  from  limited NMR data” in the laboratory of Prof. E.D. Laue



MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Trinity College, Cambridge, PhD in laboratory  of  Dr.  C.  Chothia  FRS
Max  Perutz  Prize  and  Trinity  College Research Fellowship for outstanding PhD thesis


Postdoctoral research with Dame Prof Dame J. Thronton FRS FMedSci in the Dept Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,
University College London on a Beit Memorial Fellowship for Medical Research


MRC  Career  Track  Programme  Leader  at  the  MRC  Laboratory  of  Molecular Biology, Cambridge,
UK & Research Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge


Fellow  &  Director  of  Studies, 
Trinity  College,  Cambridge  (on  research  leave from October 2011-2015 via Lister Prize teaching replacement)


MRC  Programme  Leader  at  the  MRC  Laboratory  of  Molecular  Biology, Cambridge, UK

From Feb 2013

Principal  Research  Associate,  Cavendish  Laboratory/Physics  Dept., Cambridge University 

From Feb 2013

Research Group Leader at EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute & Senior Group Leader of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute   


Prizes and Distinctions

During undergraduate study:

German National Merit Scholarship;
Junior, Senior and De Lancey Scholarships, Trinity College

During PhD:

Boehringer Ingelheim Predoctoral Fellowship,
Max Perutz Prize of the MRC Laboratory of Mol. Biol.,
Trinity College Research Scholarship

As postdoctoral scientist:

Beit Memorial Fellowship for Medical Research

As group leader:

EMBO Young Investigator (2003-2006),
 Fellowship, Trinity College, (from October 2005),
Shell Science & Technology Woman of the Future (2009),
 Lister Research Prize (2010),
Colworth Medal of the Biochemical Society (2011),
Crick Lecture of the Royal Society (2012),
EMBO member (2012),
Bernhard-Rensch-Lecture, University of Munster, Germany (2013)


Other Activities

UK representative on HFSP Council of Scientists, 2013-2015

Member of the Executive Council of the Protein Society, 2011-2014

Consulting on European Patent Office patent case for three days during the year 2010

Outreach: host for composer Deirdre Gribbin to compose a string quartet “Hearing your genes evolve”, funded by a Leverhulme Artist in Residence award at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, 2011/12

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Molecular Biology Institute, Bergen, 2006-present

Member of Structural Studies Division Committee, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, 2007-2012

Trustee of the Max Perutz Fund, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Charity, 2010-2012

Committee member on the following Trinity College committees at various times, 2005-present:
Computer Committee, Discipline Committee, Visiting Scholars Committee, Senior Secretary of Punt Scheme and Senior Member of Trinity May Ball Committee




Core funding from MRC

2002 and 2007

Grants for funding summer studentships from Education & Research Fund, Trinity College, Cambridge


EMBO Young Investigator’s Grant of EUR 49.000


MRC Capacity Building Studentship in Bioinformatics


Lister Research Prize of GBP 200.000


European Research Council Starting Grant of approx EUR 1.400.000


Member of EU COST Network on Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis


Associate member of EpiGeneSys EU Network of Excellence


BBSRC CASE Studentship with Abcam plc


Direction and Supervision of Research Programme

8 PhD students have graduated (Dr M. Madan Babu, 2001-4, now independent group leader at MRC-LMB;  Dr  S.  Kummerfeld,  2002-5,  now  computational  biologist  at  Genentech;  Dr  J. Han, 2003-8; Dr E. Levy, 2004-8, now group leader at Weizmann Institute; Dr S. De 2005-8,  now  faculty  at  U.  Colorado;  Dr  V.  Charoensawan  2006-1010,  now  faculty  member  at Mahidol University; Dr J. Su, now postdoc at EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, Dr T. Perica, postdoc in my group) 

2 PhD students currently in progress

5 Postdocs finished, 4 now principal investigators (J. Leal, B. Adryan, J. Gsponer, D. Hebenstreit)

6 Postdocs currently in progress

5 Master’s thesis students at Cambridge University, 10 summer students, 5 visitors in total since 2001 


Teaching and Examination 

PhD examiner in Cambridge (7x), in England (2x) in Sweden (2x), in Switzerland (1x) and in the Netherlands (1x).  

Undergraduate  admissions  examination  and  interviewing  in  Trinity  College,  Cambridge,  every year from 2005-2011.  

Teaching  supervisions  to  students  of  Trinity  College,  Cambridge,  in  Biology  of  Cells  (Part  IA Natural  Science  Tripos),  Biochemistry  &  Molecular  Biology  and  Cell  & Developmental Biology (both Part IB Natural Science Tripos) for two to three hours per week, 1996-1999 and 2001-2002, and five to six hours per week since 2005 (currently on teaching leave via Lister Prize teaching replacement). 


Invited Presentations

Ten selected from over 120 conference presentations: 

November 2001

International  Conference  on  Systems  Biology,  ISMB2001,  CalTech, Pasadena, CA, USA

October 2002

Keynote speech at European Conference on Computational Biology, ECCB2002, Saarbrücken, Germany

April 2005

Royal Society meeting “Bioinformatics: from Molecules to Systems”, London, UK

January 2006

Gordon conference on “Protein Folding Dynamics” in Ventura, CA, USA

August 2006

EMBO/SNF conference “The Genomics of Development “, Arolla, Switzerland

May 2007

European Symposium of the Protein Society, Stockholm, Sweden

October 2007

Wellcome Trust/CSHL conference on “Functional Genomics & Systems Biology” in Hinxton, UK

September 2008

International Structural Genomics Organisation conference, Oxford, UK

November 2008

EMBO conference “From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology”, Heidelberg, Germany

August 2009

The 1st  EMBO Meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 2011

17th International Biophysics Congress, Beijing

March 2012

CSHL conference “Global Regulation of Gene Expression”, USA

June 2013

Bernhard-Rensch-Lecture, Munster, Germany


Organisation of International Conferences 

Co-chair of conferences: “Information Processing in Cells & Tissues”, Cambridge, 2012 and NEScent (Durham, North Carolina) meeting “Modeling protein structural and energetic constraints on sequence evolution”, 2011.  

Member of conference committees: Computability in Europe 2011, Solvay Conference on Biological Circuits, 2012.  

Organised one-day “Proteins, Genomes & Evolution” symposium at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in July 2007.  

Gordon Research Conferences: 

Discussion Leader, Gordon Research Conferences, “Structural, Functional & Evolutionary Genomics”, 2007, “Biomolecular Interactions and Methods”, 2012.  

CSHL Conferences: 

Session chair/organiser, Wellcome Trust/CSHL conference on Genome Informatics, 2006. 

Co-chair, CSHL conference “Systems Biology: Global Regulation of Gene Expression”, 2014.  


Peer Reviewer for Journals and Grant Agencies


Cell, Nature, Nature Genetics, Science, Nature Structure & Molecular Biology, Proceedings of the Natl Acad USA, Nature Biotech, PLoS Biology, Blood, Genome Research, Genome Biology, and over 15 further journals.  

Grant Agencies:

MRC (grants and quinquennial reviews of programmes), BBSRC, ERC, Swiss National Science foundation, French and German agencies.   


Membership of Editorial Boards

Science (Board of Reviewing Editors since April 2012), 

Biochem J.,  

Biology Direct,  

PLoS Comp Biol,  

Briefings in Bioinformatics & Functional Genomics,  

BMC Evol Biol, 

Faculty of 1000, 

Cell Reports,  

J Mol Biol,  

Section editor for “Sequences & Topology” for Curr Op in Struc Biol, 2006, 2008, 2010, 

Section editor for “Genomes & Evolution” for Curr Op in Genetics and Development, 2008, 

Associate Editor at J Exp Zoology B: Mol and Dev Evol. 



Over 90 publications overall, over 6600 citations in total, and citation H-index of 43.